What is the Electronic Cigarette? Vape!

The “electronic cigarette”…. … is a misnomer. The electronic cigarette or “e-cig” or “Portable Vaporizer” (PV for short) is not a cigarette at all but is a relatively new technology that will ultimately, in our estimation, completely replace the tobacco cigarette (or “analog cigarette” in the e-cig vernacular) industry over the next few years.  They, the tobacco companies, will go “kicking and screaming” no doubt.  The e-cig presently can not be marketed as, and should not be considered as, a “smoking cessation device”; rather, the e-cig is a completely separate “smoking alternative.” Get some VapeCraft vape juice here.

The Invention:


The e-cig was invented by Chinese businessman Hon Lik, also a former heavy smoker, after his father succumbed to lung cancer. Mr. Lik was determined to find a safer, more realistic smoking alternative for nicotine-addicted people like he and his father and after extensive experimentation patented the basic device known, incorrectly I believe, as the electronic cigarette.Vape! don’t smoke: The e-cig is not a cigarette in that it is NOT a tobacco product and no combustion takes place.  It is most commonly used in conjunction with a liquid nicotine-containing solution, however, making it an excellent candidate to replace the “analogs.”  One does not “smoke” an e-cig, as there is only a very minute amount of non-carcinogenic suspended particulate matter (i.e., smoke) emitted by an activated e-cig and the rest of the “smoke” is actually vapor.  Thus, the process is commonly and more accurately referred to as “VAPING” to futher distinguish the e-cig from analogs.

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Hence the name chosen for this venture: Vape! don’t smoke.

The nicotine solution or “smoke juice” is generally composed of water molecules, a usually organic aromatic to give it taste, and uses either a PG (propylene glycol) or VG (vegetable glycerin) base substance.  “Atomization” is the heating process that produces the vapor that looks a good deal like “smoke”.  Both PG and VG in their solid forms are considered to be safe substances by the FDA.  PG is commonly used in the production of fog in disco-style fog machines and VG is a very common food additive.  Most pre-packaged e-cig cartridges contain a PG solution, however many U.S. companies have begun manufacturing more VG smoke juice choices due to common throat irritations experienced by some heavy vapers using a PG-based solution.

Obviously, the most attractive attribute of the e-cig is that it does not contain any of the 3,000 or so carcinogens common to all lighted tobacco products.  Note again that whatever conclusions you may make on your own, the US FDA has NOT evaluated this product to be used as a smoking cessation device and this product has not officially been evaluated for safety by any official U.S. agency.  While this product exists in a “gray area” across the board in both federal and state laws (it is, after all, a new technology), because it is commonly used in conjunction with liquefied nicotine, sale of the e-cig, “smoke juice,” and any other e-cig related paraphernalia to anyone under 18 years of age is prohibited by this currently self-regulated industry!


How it works:

So, how does it work?It’s actually very simple in engineering, and though still in its technological infancy it does indeed achieve its primary function–that is, to be a much safer alternative to smoking nasty, smelly tobacco cigarettes and cigars or “dipping,” etc.  Generally, the e-cig is divided into three components that are generally fully interchangeable among common model styles, though the number of new models increases frequently now as this product takes wing: the most common 3-piece model consists of the Battery, Atomizer, and Cartridge.




Resveratrol is another powerful anti-oxidant that crosses the blood brain barrier. It is rendered from the skin of red grapes. While available from other sources, grapes, such as the Muscatine grapes, used in wine making offer the highest content. It is theorized that it is the ingredient that is responsible for decreased heart attack from those who drink moderate amounts of red wine. The Nootropics Guide also has a lot of great information on good products for your brain and memory.

As with most other antioxidants the studies are inconclusive as to whether or not Resveratrol is a benefit to humans. Many studies have been done on mice to establish whether this phytoalexin can effect cardiovascular health, ageing, cancer, obesity, and diabetes. While there have been positive indicators in these tests, the amount of resveratrol required for an equivalent dosage in a human amounts to about 60 liters of red wine a day. Hmmm…


Fortunately, for those of us who choose to use Resvaratrol, it is available in liquid and capsule supplements. These supplements will contain between 20mg and 500mgs of Resveratrol per capsule. Dosage for Resveratrol is not established and it is generally believed that two low dosages daily of 15mgs to 20mgs is more effective than a singular large dose daily.

Resveratrol offers some complications in higher doses when taken beyond the 500mg range. These can include anemia, diarrhea, blood thinning, anxiety, and irregular blood readings. These effects can be reversed by decreased dosage or discontinuing the product altogether if you are adversely affected. Resveratrol is generally well tolerated. It is metabolized and eliminated fairly quickly.

There have been positive indications of improved health and anti-ageing in studies done with mice. Resveratrol has been shown to stimulate sirtuins which are a class of proteins essential for the survival of cells. When you combine the anti oxidative properties and its ability to cross the blood brain barrier, this warrior shows real promise. Resveratrol continues to be studied because of it’s potential for naturally resolving many of the complex issues that are involved in ageing and maintaining good health.


The body of evidence that is being developed is supportive of Resveratrol’s benefits for humans. Whatever supplements you choose to augment your health, Resveratol deserves your consideration. Many people have experienced good benefit from using Resveratrol. Any dynamic change in diet, supplement, or vitamin should be exercised with care. Each person is unique. Effect and tolerance will vary. Always consult a health care professional when making these changes. In addition, make sure you study each vitamin and herb that you are thinking about using. Medicine, no matter what its source, has implications that require careful consideration before using.




Clontarf Irish Whiskey Review

Clontarf Irish whiskey is a bold and smooth whiskey, distilled three times, passes the aging process in bourbon barrels and perfectly blended. Clontarf Irish whiskey is distilled using only the finest ingredients from the natural abundance of Oreland. Clontarf gets its complex aroma and extraordinary flavor through the combination of maize, barley and pure spring water.

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Clontarf Classic Blend

The Clontarf classic blend has undergone rebranding and upgrading to Clontarf 1014, named in honor of the famous battle won by the Irish in Clontarf. This Irish whiskey is released in line to the commemoration of the 1,000-year anniversary.


Accordingly, the Clontarf Classic blend is used to be the Clontarf Black Label and known as a Single Grain whiskey. Today, it is an Irish whiskey distilled in cork and aged in bourbon casks. People, who enjoyed the Clontarf Classic blend, described it as crisp and salivating whiskey that offers surprising sweetness and citrus. This Irish whiskey is truly entertaining.

The Clontarf classic blend characterizes a soft and smooth blended Irish whiskey. This whiskey is good for mixing or served with ice. Since the Clontarf 1014 older version, there is nothing much of a change; it is a light body, light malt notes, honey and nougat. One can actually feel a clear citrus character and finished with mild sweetness. Towards the back end of tasting is a bit of heat, but it is easy going whiskey overall.

Clontarf Single Malt

The Clontarf single malt is distilled three times at Bushmills distillery and properly aged in bourbon casks. This Irish whiskey is soft and fruity style.

Clontarf Single Malt is beautifully fresh barley that is almost barley sugar having light sinews of oak. It gives long intense barley with vanilla standing out and spices gathering at the end. This Irish whiskey is simple and eschewed complexity for delicious minimalism.A review indicates a perfectly acceptable Irish whiskey with mild honey and butterscotch spirit, which goes down having a minimal fuss. The whiskey’s finish is short along with a toffee-tasting dessert quality although not overwhelmingly sweet.

Clontarf History


The origin of the whiskey’s name alone brought about what this great whiskey stands for. Clontarf 1014 Irish whiskey signifies the courage of the remarkable Irish victory over the invading Vikings in the battle fought at Clontarf in 1014.According to the story, the high king of Irish Brian Boru drove the Viking invaders plummeting back into the sea and gained a remarkable victory for the Irish.

The Irish and Viking armies met on the grounds of Clontarf besides the city of Dublin in the spring of 1014. The fighting lasted a day that raged across the forests and fields with no side that is gaining an apparent advantage. In the end, with almost all the captains are dead; the Vikings broke their ranks and retreated to their ships.

Almost six thousand was killed out of the eight thousand men that fought the battle. The devastation of the Viking forces that include the death of their kings permanently ended the Viking invasion efforts. Through this brave and well-fought victory at Clontarf, King Boru and his men brought about the Ireland that it is today.